By peter lee

Chapter I
The bank robbery

One day Mr. No-no went for a walk. There was a bank. The bank had no guards at the entrance. Mr. No-no is poor. He needs money. Mr. No-no is very stupid. He thinks what’s wrong is right and what is right is wrong.
Mr. No-no went in. He robbed the bank. Wait. That is boring. (Rewind). He said, “Gimme the money. The teller did nothing. Then Mr. No-no went crazy. The teller picked up $10000000000000000000000 and gave it to him.
In no time, police cars were everywhere. Mr. No-no has a trial.
“Mr. No-no, do you regret your actions or have something to say in your defense?” said the judge.
“Me is a poor men,” said Mr. No-no. “Me is having a poorest educational. I don’t knows right or wrongs.”
“Who believes in his defense?” asked the judge.
Nobody raised his or her hand.
Mr. No-no was sent to jail for 2 years.

Chapter II
Meanwhile, in the police station, they were debating whether they should set him free.
“I think we shouldn’t. The stuttering could be a trick,” said the judge
“Are you sure?” said a man. “I am not so sure. It might be real. Lets check his profile.”

“One hundred dollars?” said the judge. “Man, is he poor! No education? No wife? One tattered old house to live in? Geez is he poor!”
“Set him free! Set him free!” said the crowd.
So that is how Mr. No-no was set free.
Chapter II
At home

Mr. No-no is at his home in Denver, Colorado. One day, Mr. No-no was watching T.V. The signal turned negative. “What the heck?”
Mr. No-no went to his neighbor Jean’s house. “Wills you not moving there and here!”
Bonk POW hi-yah!
Mr. No-no came home in a stretcher. (Jean beat him up.) One day Mr. No-no went to the pet store. He bought a crocodile. His name is Sally. (Crazy, eh?) Mr. No-no took Sally or a walk. He put him in the dog run.
Unfortunately there was a chow-chow in the dog run. Sally scared the dog. The chow-chow ran around, barking like mad. Oops, thought Mr. No-no.
Mr. No-no took Sally home. There was a mighty struggle. Sally bit Mr. No-no several times until he was shut up in his cage.

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