Maria “Marie” Curie was born on November 7th, 1867. Shee died on July 4th, 1934. She was born in Warsaw, Poland. She was the first Person to win 2 Nobel Prizes and was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Her Nobel Prizes were in physics and chemistry. She also won 2 medals, and one of them was the Davy medal. Her parents were Wladislaw Sklodowski and Bronislawa Slodowski. Her husband was Pierre Curie. Her sisters were Zofia, Bronia and Helena. Her Brother was Jozef, who by the way was the only male sibling she had.

Marie Curie got married with Pierre Curie on July 26, 1895 in a simple celebration at the town hall. Her sister Helena and her father Wladislaw Sklodowski came from Poland. Also, Bronia and Kazimierz Dluski came also. All were happy and it was a great day. Maria loved reading and learning, and had a very good memory. Maria went to the Freta Street School at first, but then to a school closer to her home. Then around 1878, she got sent to another school while being challenged with the death of her mother.

Bronia and Maria sometimes talked about the future. They wanted to make something of themselves to help their own, native homeland, Poland. They wanted peasants in the countryside to receive schooling or education. Bronia opened a school for people with tuberculosis which is what their mother died of. Maria studied chemistry and physics passionately. She discovered uranium and radium. She eventually died of overexposure to radiation.

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