By Peter Lee Edit


Brazil is a country. Its capital is Brasília. It houses the amazing Amazon Rainforest. Brazil has many animals. I hope you know this stuff. If you don’t, remember this. OK, what is the capital of Brazil? If you paid attention, you would say Brasília.
Lets talk about sloths. Sloths live in the Amazon. They are really slow. A sloth eats leaves (I think). One thing I know for sure: They don’t eat people. Why do sloths move really slowly? Maybe they need to save their energy. Even their digestion system is slow. It takes ages for a sloth to go poop.
Lets talk about important stuff. The Amazon is home to several animals. Each tree is home to hundreds and hundreds of living things so if you cut down a tree you kill a thousand animals.
Have you ever heard of global warming? If you haven’t, global warming is a crisis on a global scale. The world is getting hotter because CO¬2 (carbon dioxide) is going everywhere.
5 billion years ago, the earth was freeeeeeezin’. Then, volcanoes spewed out CO2. The CO2 warmed up the earth.
You can stop global warming! If you turn the light off if you’re not using it, you won’t waste electricity! If you waste electricity, the guys need to make more electricity! How? By using stuff that’s bad for mother earth!
I think men are slowly committing suicide. You know, global warming and the stuff I’m going to talk about. There could be an antidote to cancer waiting for us in the Amazon. If we destroy the Amazon, there could be no way curing cancer.
I know a really good book. It isn’t published yet, but it will probably be finished in 15 years. It’s because the writer is Peter Lee. Myself. I’m only 10 years old. The book is called Animal’s Revenge.
I think men (and women) should pay attention to what’s happening to the world around them. People should be educated so they know what’s bad for the world and what’s not. I chose Brazil because there is a global crisis going on.